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Can you imagine living in a community without access to fresh, clean water? Can you remember going down to your local stream or creek as a child with the hope of discovering guppies, salamanders, crawdads or a water strider skimming across the water? Today, it is entirely possible that these opportunities are events of the past. Our water quality and supply are threatened by residential stormwater runoff, fertilizer and chemical applications, waste treatment processes, industrial processes, and natural flora and fauna in the region . The Watershed Association of the Tellico Reservoir, a non-profit organization, exists to protect the watershed of the Little Tennessee River and its tributaries.



Through education, we strive to inform the public of threats to the fragile ecological balance between plants, animals, natural resources and man. We live in a very special place. The biological diversity represented in this region is second to none yet constantly threatened. It is our mission to develop our
website, publications, presentations and media to build public understanding and support for the
protection of our watershed.

Our goal is simple…increased public awareness!

You can see firsthand the work of the Education Committee by visiting one of our East Lakeshore trailhead kiosks or through noticing a storm sewer grate warning people of disposing hazardous substances into our waterways.

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Volunteers are constantly needed. If you are interested in assisting WATeR in these efforts, please contact us.

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