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Streambed Improvements

WATeR monitors the water quality of Tellico Lake's tributary streams. It is important work because the streams are often the source of major water pollution.

Fork Creek

Because of pollution issues related to siltation, bacterial counts, and phosphate levels, Fork Creek is classified as an impaired stream on the State of Tennessee’s 303(d) list.  Over the past several years, WATeR personnel have been working with stakeholders to identify opportunities for water quality improvement.  This included performing water quality sampling to assist TDEC to identify types and sources of pollution.

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Baker Creek Project

Since 2010 WATeR has worked with the Blount County Soil Conservation District to improve water quality and reduce pollution in the Baker Creek Watershed.


Final Report by Blount County Soil Conservation District Phase 1 (2015)

Final Report by Blount County Soil Conservation District Phase 2 (2019)

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Bat Creek Project

WATeR did a two year study of sources of pollution in the Bat Creek Watershed. WATeR also sued Madisonville to fix their waste water treatment plant The new plant opened in 2017. And WATeR is currently working to get a grant to help farmers achieve Best Management Practices.

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