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WATeR samples locations on Tellico Lake

published 5/12/21 in The Connection

Asian carp remain in West Tennessee

Latest update published in The Connection 4/7/21

WATeR Dedicates Bridge

published 12/2/20 in The Connection


History of WATeR and its Major Programs

published 11/20 in Mountain Views

Maintaining cleaner embayments possible

Published 10/21/20 in The Connection


Are the fish safe to eat from the lake

Published 9/9/20 in The Connection and 9/20 in Mountain Views

Connection Article #10 7/22/20

Stormwater impacts more than we realize

Connection Article #9 7/1/20

Trees help keep us alive

Connection Article #8 6/10/20

Consider a watering plan this summer

Connection Article #7 5/20/20

Fertilizer pollution enters Tellico Lake

Connection Article #6 May 2020

Human and animal pollution in the lake

Connection Article #4 4/15/20

WATeR investigates lake 'greening'

Connection Article #3    3/11/20

How many name are right for Tellico Lake

Mountain View Article 3/20

Plant a Riparian Garden

Connection Article #2    2/19/20

The many roles of one body of water

Connection Article #1     2/5/20

WATeR: To protect the water quality of our lake

Connection Article 1/1/20

Villagers Urged to protect Tellico Lake

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