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Read the presentation for the WATeR Annual Meeting held October 25 to get an idea of what we do.

And read the Connection article about the meeting here.

Click here to read a Detailed Introduction to hiking on East Lake Shore Trail

Learn the East Lake Shore Trail: Join the monthly WATeR led hike.

Next Hike Tuesday February 20th


Read detailed hike information here.

News And Upcoming Events

Join us for the Tellico Reservoir Lake Cleanup Day

Saturday, March 23, 2024



Please join us as we create teams to clean up the surrounding areas of Tellico Reservoir. It's a fun morning to meet new people and make an impactful change to improve the surrounding trails and water!

Contact Tom Ringenbach at for more details. 

WATeR Partners with Tennessee Environmental Council (TEC) for Tennessee Tree Day


Our goal is to plant and care for one million native trees in Tennessee by 2025. TEC has worked with the public and state agencies across Tennessee to distribute and plant trees in all 95 counties of Tennessee. As a result, TEC has planted 924,760 trees since 2007.

As part of Tennessee Tree Day, you are able to purchase 14 types of trees native to Tennessee, for $1 to $5 each until March 4. Tree pick up will be locally on March 16. 

Learn how you can participate here.

Read The Connection article about the WATeR volunteer recognition event

Report on Algae in the Lake


Good News! Tellico Reservoir can be classified as healthy as far as algae growth and presence are concerned. The study is based on sampling in 2022 and 2023. Sampling will continue in 2024.

Read more here.

State  of the Lake Presentation May 4, 2023

Featuring T-Bart, Fishing Club, Carp Expert Biologists and WATeR


The mission of WATeR is to protect the environment of the Tellico Reservoir and its Watershed.

Protecting the lake Protects our Property.

Volunteer Committees

algae growth.jpg

The WQIC supplements the environmental monitoring of government agencies by conducting more frequent testing at many additional locations on the reservoir, and follows up with efforts to improve the quality of the water. These efforts are taken in collaboration with state and local agencies.

The Trails volunteers built the 31 mile East Lakeshore Trail, and work together with TVA and TRDA to maintain the trail for community enjoyment. 

Over 250 people from 20 different volunteer organizations band together for an annual springtime event to clean up trash from around the lakeshore.

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