Knoxville Track Club Race
at the East Lakeshore Trail at Tellico Lake
Members of the Knoxville Track Club beginning their race.

The Knoxville Track Club organized a nine mile long trail race on the Sinking Creek Branch of the East Lakeshore Trail on June 30, 2012. The East Lakeshore trail is project of WATeR and its volunteers who build and maintain the trail which recently received the National Recreation Trail designation for over 21 miles of trails around the east lakeshore Tellico Reservoir.

Starting at the Coytee Trailhead next to the large new pedestrian bridge over Coytee Cove, the course went four and a half miles up to near the Sinking Creek Trailhead and returned to finish where it started. 102 runners participated in the race, about one third of whom elected to run a four mile course, turning around after approximately two miles.

The Knoxville Track Club event organizers said it was a great event and the best attended event in the history of the trail system. The organizers indicated that they will return often in the future. The runners were also lavish with their praise of the trail and very complimentary to WATeR (Watershed Association of the Tellico Reservoir) and the WATeR trail builders (many of whom are in the 65 – 75 age category). Among the comments were: "Best trail we've ever raced on." "Best maintained trail we've ever seen."

"Runners at Bridge", racers crossing the large hiking trail bridge that leads onto the trail.

9 Mile Race Results:
1 Andrew Smith OM (Open Male) 1:03:42
Darren Stanford MM (MASTERS MALE) 1:17:15
Sarah Crowley OF (Open Female) 1:18:59
Kathy Smith MF (Masters Female) 1:18:02

4+ Mile Race Results:
Daniel Thorresen OM 30:39:00
Rick Bost MM 37:46:00
Kelly Fox OF 39:47:00
(Complete results can be found on the Knoxville Track Club website;
Ruth Crowley MF 48:45:00

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